Our Workouts

All our workouts are designed to suit the beginner to the advanced trainer. We work with you as a personal trainer individually throughout the class to give you alternative levels to all exercises, critique technique, motivate and encourage, so you get the most out of your workout! Even if you have niggling injuries or pregnant our workouts can be suitable for you, your in safe hands.

Arms and Abs

A mix of high intensity cardio and strength intervals targeting the arms and abs,

changing from week to week so you never get bored and muscles keep toning.

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45 Minutes of pure fun! 3 stations made up of spin, treadmill and floor work.

All done on various interval times and repetition numbers to keep

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Boxing and legs

Fun boxing combinations with a mix of spin bikes, treadmills, leg and booty sculpting exercises with

bands, body weight, barbells, dumbbells and more to keep sculpting and toning those legs.

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Interval 10

10 Station full body circuit session with a huge variety of exercises lasting up to 1min on each station for strength and cardio

which changes each week to keep you coming back for more. Who doesn't love a fast paced circuit workout leaving you feeling incredible and energized.

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Fast paced combination of interval sprints and jogging on the treadmills, switching to the floor for strength work with trx straps, barbells, dumbbells and body weighted exercise.

Switching from the treadmill to the floor throughout the workout creates and fun fast paced workout like no other suitable for all fitness levels.

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Myzone exercise tracking system

Our goal with EXFIT is to make sure, whether your a beginner or advanced trainer, your getting the most out of your workout, to be encouraged and supported all the way. Keeping you motivated and to reach certain zones using our heart rate tracking system will skyrocket your fitness.

Having your heart rate and calories monitored is a great motivational tool to give you that extra push and with our trainers guidance your fitness and strength will be taken to new levels and creating that body you have always wanted.

One of the awesome effects of all that hard work from EXFIT is that it will kick your body’s repair cycle into hyperdrive, meaning you will actually continue to burn fat for 24-48 hours after interval training, not just during your workout.

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Create a healthier and fitter you! You will no longer have that bloated feeling, your hips, stomach, arms and face will be smaller, you will be filled with confidence and your mind will be clear and happy.

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