Do you have shower facilities?

Yes we have a full bathroom with shower for the members coming and going from work.

Do you have a creche / kids room?

Yes there is a Creche and kids room available at all classes. 9:15am is monitored by a qualified childcare worker on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with a $3 donation for 1 child or $5 for 2 or more children. The room is free to use outside this time slot for parents that need it.

Does EXFIT cater for beginners?

All our workouts are designed to suit the beginner to the advanced trainer. We work with you as a personal trainer individually throughout the class to give you alternative levels to all exercises, critique technique, motivate and encourage, so you get the most out of your workout!

Even if you have niggling injuries or pregnant our workouts can be suitable for you, your in safe hands..

Does EXFIT offer weekly direct debits

Yes we offer weekly direct debits using our secure software “Mindbody”. Debits can be taken from a nominated bank account or off your credit card. To cancel your EXFIT direct debits we just ask for a 4 week notice statement in writing sent to our EXFIT facebook page.

To create your weekly membership once you have logged in to mindbody simply choose the “Contracts / Packages” menu and selected to appropriate membership that suits you and your on your way to become a full EXFIT member!

How do I book my 2 FREE classes?

You can simply book your 2 free trials to begin at exfit by clicking on the “book now” button and following the prompts to create your mindbody account (which is our online booking service) to create your profile, using your your email address, mobile number and more info. Once this has been set up simply go to the “Services” link and choose “2 Free Trials” and then select your desired day and time.

Is EXFIT a normal gym?

EXFIT is not a normal gym, we are a group fitness studio that specializes in group fitness training, offering up to 5 classes a day that suits all levels of fitness and strength, catering for both men and women.

Each workout is taken by a qualified personal trainer that guides you through the entire workout, giving you that personalized attention so ensure you have a great EXFIT workout.