8 Week Challenge

Welcome to your 8 week challenge!

Beginning 10th JULY 2021

If you live and around the Tweed Heads, Coolangatta regions now is the time to invest in yourself for 6 weeks and get in the best shape of your life!!

EXFIT’S proven meal plan and HIIT workouts have already helped so many.

That bloated feeling will decrease, your hips, legs, stomach, arms and legs will become more toned.

“I am filled with confidence and my mind is clearer, I just love EXFIT”

Now lets get down to it! What is involved?

  • With decades of health and fitness knowledge by myself, Lara and professional trainers Jason, Rachel and Sharleen, your in safe hands
  • You will be required to attend as many days of training as your able too
  • 100% of our focus and commitment
  • Weekly weigh ins to keep you extra accountable
  • Gain more Confidence and Control of your health
  • We will give you the knowledge for a healthier future
  • Receive our special Proven Results nutrition plan FREE
  • FREE EXFIT singlet and boxing inner gloves

Invest in yourself from Only $38 A week for 8 weeks.

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The beauty about health and fitness is that it never takes long for you to break bad habits, 21 days to be exact! After the habit is broken you will continue to create the healthy balance and body your craving.

Don’t be fooled this will take dedication, motivation, consistency and your hard work… And you are completely worth it!

With our support and accountability you will reach that goal.

Our challenges are results proven


One thing I love most is that it was never about weight loss for Emily, it was about health and mental health.. Here’s a little from Em herself ??

First of all I wanted to say a massive thank you to both you (Lara) and Jason. You have created the most amazing space where I come and feel at home, 100% supported and pushed to do my absolute best.

12 months ago I definitely wouldn’t have looked at myself as overweight or physically unhealthy. But I knew I needed a massive mental change. Last year was one of the toughest times in my life. Leaving the house to do anything other than go to work was a serious challenge for me. Dealing with major anxiety and depression due to my health issues was crippling.

Finding exfit created an outlet for me to shut all of the bad stuff out. Even now I still leave feeling so much better than I did before I walk in. This year has proven to be even harder than the last for me but I’m so grateful I have a place to come to and work through the hard times. I’m feeling the fittest I have ever been! It’s amazed me how much my body has changed. I’ve never been one to jump on a set of scales and still don’t.

I believe more in feeling good than a number! (I never thought I’d say it but I don’t hate burpees as much as I used to ?) thanks again

Matt Lost 24kg

He has such an amazing transformation with dropping 24kg!!!!

Matt has been an Exfit member for over a year and within this time he has become extremely fit, healthy and strong plus continues to give 100% every class!!! He is now one of our trainers sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm.

Chanel Lost 10kg

2018 has been about health and happiness, the best decision Arron and I made was to sign up to @exfit_tweed 12 week challenge. We couldn’t have lost a combined 21 kilos with out you guys ??So I just wanted to say a massive Thank you Jason, Lara and Exfit team ?

Josh Lost 15.2kg

Josh has absolutely smashed the last 8 weeks dropping 15.2kg. We are so proud of him and he is continuing to get fitter, stronger and leaner every week.

Well done buddy!!!!

Tori Lost 8kg

“ I have trained my whole life and competed at elite levels and I couldn’t handle the pressure of it all and quit when I started uni and I then battled with severe depression for a good few years…

Then I started at Exfit, which helped me to reignite my lifelong passion of sport, training and leading a healthy lifestyle.
I have been free from depression since training at Exfit and am now more focused and determined than ever always setting new goals for myself.

Being apart of Exfit and surrounded by other like minded people only makes me more determined to train even on days when I don’t feel like it. My mind is clear, I’m the happiest I have been and I have learnt so much along the way about how important exercise is and it is truly the best medicine you can take 💪

Rach Lost 20Kg

“Almost 3 years ago I had a 12 year relationship and it ended in one of the most devastating ways but instead of staying in bed and crying all day I chose to get up and do something to get myself out of my rut.

I started out determined to lose weight and I did that pretty quickly but I also found something I truly enjoy and it’s been so easy to maintain this lifestyle. I can say I’m fitter, healthier and happier then I’ve ever been in large part thanks to Lara and Jason at Exfit. There isn’t a magical pill or anything like that it’s about consistency and moderation, finding what motivates you and understanding your body because we are all different.” #exfit

🧡 All you can do is give yourself a chance and believe you can and will achieve your goals 💋

Lauren Lost 10kg

Lauren lost a massive 10 kilos in only 12 weeks and has maintained her new healthy look over the Christmas and summer months 🍓 Now she is ready for the winter challenge and to create even more of an amazing transformation!!!
Lauren you have the most amazing positive vibe and you never give up in every training session 💯💯🤘🏼

Kiri Lost 28Kg

A massive WOW to this amazing woman!! 28 kilos down in only months and @kiranator is not finished yet 💪🏼

As most of us know that having our first baby can change our bodies in so many ways, including some weight gain 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s a natural process in any new mummas life…

Kiri being the determined woman that she is has decided to include health and fitness in her daily life and the results have been inspirational 🙌🏻 Well done Kiri!!!

So what are you waiting for ?

Join our 8 week challenge and start feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and achieve amazing results.

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